A staircase with one nasty carpet stain can influence the entire look of the house. At Supreme Flooring, we want to fix your stairs which is why we offer a full range of quality staircase refacing and installation services for a complete stair transformation that leaves our customers writing positive reviews and sharing our name with others.

While we are based out of the Mississauga, Ontario region, we bring our hardwood floor, stair installation, and refinishing services to the broader GTA area. Whether you're in Burlington, Mississauga, or all the way in Toronto, let our skilled installation technicians help you with the staircase refacing process from carpet to custom hardwood and make your stairs pop.

Our team of professional stair, railing, and floor installers, with their extensive experience working with various customers, deliver quality solutions for all homes and stairs on a daily basis. With our high-quality service, we make sure our customers in the Mississauga and GTA area have hardwood flooring, stairs, and more that make a great first impression anytime someone enters their house.



Staircase refacing is usually done while changing the existing flooring in order to create a well-composed visual effect. Through this process, our experienced team can not only helps homeowners in Ontario, Canada to increase the value of their homes, but can also allow for a total staircase transformation without needing to buy new, custom-made stairs.


Our stairs, railings, and hardwood floors come in a variety of materials, like oak, maple, and walnut wood. This variety means that we can suit every customer's home design plans while also offering customer stairs and railings. Because of the large selection of wood, we make sure that every stage of the installation process is completed properly by following the right manufacturing instructions. Whether you are remodeling your stairs, looking for oak treads, or just changing the railing, you can trust that our experienced contractors will get the job done.


Our company has the technicians with the design skillset to turn worn-out stairs into the focal points of the home. When we start a new job, we work with you to choose the best stairs, wood floors, and railings that fit your home's interior design project. Because we strive to leave a good impression with our Mississauga and GTA customers, we make our clients’ requests a reality by closely following manufacturing instructions, answering questions, and always striving for their full satisfaction with the final product through quality work.

Once the staircase or the floors are finished, you will notice that the end product is not only stylish and functional design but also follows the current Mississauga and Toronto building code requirements. We are a detail-oriented group of experienced contractors and technicians that will make your home design dreams a reality.


Our customers are important to us, which is why we offer a wide range of quality staircase and hardwood floor products and materials that can suit your needs, making Supreme Flooring your choice stair installation company in the Mississauga, Ontario, and GTA area. Because we know that every household is different, we strive to offer excellent stairs, installations, and stair refinishing services that can transform your home.


When you contact us, you are provided information about our staircases and services that are available to customers in Mississauga and the GTA. We work with our customers to find the right design, stairs, railing, or hardwood that fits your plans. Our message is that every job, customer, home, and every stair or railing installation receives the care and attention it deserves.

Not only will you receive high-quality stairs and railing, but you will also receive excellent customer service in all areas from our trained contractors. Our Mississauga - based team can answer your stair and railing questions and can recommend the best products for your house. We make it our mission to put a lot of time and care into every project so that every customer receives the best service no matter their needs.


Do you have questions about our services in Mississauga or surrounding areas? Do your old carpet stairs need a lot of work? Let us know! Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to provide you with any more information you might require to make Supreme Flooring your choice staircase installation company for the Mississauga region.


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