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Our company, based out of the Peel region, knows that doors, whether interior or exterior, play an important part of any home acting as the element of design and transitional points between the living spaces. Those elements of the home interior design possess the ability to greatly enhance the beauty of interiors. Doors with proper installation also help in saving energy and bring the comfort of privacy. That's why quality door installation is so important to us.


Supreme Flooring, which operates out of our Mississauga, ON location, serves clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Our experienced company prides itself on installing and repairing exterior and interior doors so that you know you are getting the best service for your home. Whether it's an interior or exterior door you need, our experienced installers have the skills and materials to do it right.


Any door installation begins with an idea. Before our customers order any products, we work with them to find the right fit for their home. When you call us, our Mississauga team members work with you from the design stage, all the way to the installation process to make sure your home receives the best service. Because we offer all different types of material and services, we can suit every customer's interior and exterior design plans. Whether you're in Toronto and require new interior doors or in the Mississauga area and need to repair the pre-hung doors on your closets, our team has the knowledge and expertise to find the right match for you and your home.


After the initial door installation, we start to work on trims and casings to finish off your new door. Our team also serves the Toronto area by offering door repair services and products that can fix your pre-existing doors. Alongside door repair and installation, Supreme Flooring specializes in both the installation of new trim work and upgrading the trims and casings already in place. These other services also include crown molding and column installation which can be used to improve the look and feel of your new door.


Exterior and interior doors can act as beautiful accents to any home. We want you to feel comfortable in your own home.


For customers looking for interior doors, our contractors works with you to find the right door frames, crown molding, and door material that suits your needs. We also provide products and services that can improve the condition of your pre-existing doors. Whether you need a quick door repair or need new doors for five of your closets, you can trust Supreme Flooring to provide you with quality service. Our experienced crew members, who service the Greater Toronto Area, work to make any interior door installation an efficient and professional process.


A front door is often the first thing a visitor sees, which is why we believe exterior doors like these are an important aspect of any home. Like our interior door process, our professional contractors work with our clients to find the right exterior doors for you. Our exterior doors come in a variety of materials and designs that will fit within the vision you have for your home.


Exterior and interior doors can act as beautiful accents to any home. We want you to feel comfortable in your own home.


Our door technicians are known for fast and efficient door installation, door repairs, column installation, or trim work upgrades. In order to maximize the safety and security of your doors, our installers make sure to go over the manufacturer's instructions before taking on the door installation. We take the time to fit elements perfectly during the door installation which creates seamless joints. We also help clients save time and money by installing so-called back-bends in order to enhance the look of the existing casings around doors and windows which can eliminate the need for new installations. We seek to serve our clients in the Mississauga and Toronto area by providing them with professional customer service and high-quality products that they can rely on.


Over our years of experience, Supreme Flooring has made it our mission to serve our clients, from Burlington to Toronto and from closets to front doors. Depending on your needs, you may require more information and guidance from our company. If this is the case, not only will you receive quality door products and installations, but you will also receive excellent customer service from our professional technicians who will be willing and ready to answer any questions you may have.


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